Winning awards always seemed out of reach and relatively elusive for a production company like ours. We always knew we were different. Unlike any other production company. But to win Mumbrella Production Company of the Year is the icing on the cake on an amazing 10 year journey and means the world to us. As
Quality video for an affordable price. Gone are the days when a stunning video would cost the world and take forever to create. Visual Domain thrives on flexible budgets and fast-turnarounds. Take Baxter’s for example. The client came to us wanting to promote their new range of lights with one simple proposition – ‘Dominate the
Raising the bar with Personalised Video. We’re just going to start by saying… there’s really nothing quite like personalised video. Combine technology with some of the most creative and talented individuals and you have a dangerous means of engaging with customers. Delivering personalised content directly to customers via email marketing sends more than just a
The landscape of video marketing Since we began in 2008 (yes, 10 years ago), YouTube was barely a thing, traditional broadcast was king and people had to use dial-up internet to “surf the net”. On top of that, the speed was at a dramatically slower pace… imagine loading Netflix 10 years ago (I think it would
From traditional broadcast to online media: we’re making waves The landscape of video production has changed drastically over the years and we’ve really shaped ourselves to be the leaders in the industry. Whether it be with technological advances or just telling a damn good story, we’ve paved the way over the last 10 years. One
SUMMARY Visual Domain partnered with to develop a six-part video series: Three Birds Renovations. The series was so successful, that REA immediately signed on for a second season with 8 episodes which has recently just finished airing. It has been’s most successful video series ever, achieving results of over 400,000 video views, over
BRIEF Fulton Hogan approached Visual Domain with a concept for a public awareness campaign, designed to educate people about the safety of road workers. They provided the slogan and the ideas of filming on the road and interviewing road workers. Our team developed a concept and creative direction around the ideas that were given to us. The videos
BRIEF Telstra and their trendy new fashion department, +61, wanted a special experience for the launch of their new flagship store in Melbourne. Visual Domain was contracted to film the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, and create a live-streaming virtual reality experience for Telstra’s audience. PLAN Visual Domain established a 3-way partnership with Telstra and
BRIEF Phillip Island Nature Parks decided to launch its’ first ever video campaign, showcasing the island’s popular tourist attractions and unknown natural wonders as part of Tourism Australia’s 2017 wildlife campaign. Incorporating new technologies such as 360 view and drone footage, the campaign was appointed to Visual Domain in partnership with News Corp. CHALLENGES
Social Media is the way of the future. Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen the rise and fall of Myspace, the emergence of Facebook with its billions of followers, and the subsequent developments of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. For the video production industry, this means that video content now needs to be able to
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