Jun 09, 2017

Interview with Jake Harris

Jake’s been around the block in the video production industry, and has noticed some of the big changes in the last few years. 5 years ago, equipment wasn’t nearly as advanced as it is today, there was no “standard way of shooting”, and it was harder to see the difference in quality of productions.
 Studio dollies have come a long way in recent years. Photo supplied by B&H photo video.

Today, Jake can very clearly determine what constitutes a good edit, and ensures his work is of the highest quality. He has also noticed how competitive the industry has become – namely, that the standard of work across the board is a lot higher than ever before.

So how do we remain competitive?

Jake likes to look at videos from around the world and compare his work to see if it is of the same standard.

Innovation is the only consistent thing in the video world. As Jake says, “people need to be wowed all the time”, and the video industry is producing interesting and new technologies like 360 view and virtual reality just to keep up. People need new ways to be engaged and video production companies need to stay on top of emerging technologies, trends, and new and innovative ways to engage with clients as well as audiences.

At Visual Domain, we offer a range of innovative options for our clients including bulk personalized videos, social media content, drones, animation, 360 view and virtual reality.

See Jake's favourite production here:


Jake Headshot